Maintenance of information models of objects of capital construction of transport infrastructure.

Specialists of S-INFO LLC have experience in performing work to support information models of capital construction projects of transport infrastructure. In this area of services, interaction with partners can be organized in the form of various cooperation options - from short-term work on setting up a common data environment for information modeling tasks solved at various stages of the life cycle of objects, to full-fledged long-term support of information models: from the design stage to the operation stage .

The purpose of supporting information models is to improve the quality of management decisions based on objective and up-to-date information about the progress of production processes at a facility, linked to the actual state of its structural elements.

S-INFO LLC carries out a wide range of work to support information models: from consultations to direct support of the entire progress of the project. The scope of work is determined individually for each object, depending on the tasks of information modeling and on the stage of the object’s life cycle at which the integration of the S-INFO software into the business processes of a specific team of organizations participating in the project takes place. Specialists of S-INFO LLC perform:

  • Business analysis of processes implemented by project participants with the preparation of proposals for their development using the functionality and tools of the S-INFO software.

  • Setting up the general project data environment for the tasks defined by the project Customer (archives, structures, documents, tasks, schedules, reports, etc.).

  • Assembly and updating of information models created both using S-INFO software and using third-party software.

  • Analysis of information models for sufficiency and redundancy of the list of attribute data. Filling information models with data. Dispatch of information flows.

  • Consulting on the organization of work to support information models using S-INFO software.