• BIM examination

    BIM for infrastructure is a young direction, but S-INFO has already accumulated extensive experience in creating and using information models of infrastructure facilities, so we are already examining information models of other companies for compliance with the terms of reference, the required quality and fullness, assessing the methodology for creating models recommendations.

  • R&D: development of BIM methodology for infrastructure design projects

    Our employees have practical experience in the development of BIM Standards at various levels, from government and industry standards to BIM Enterprise Standards.

  • Implementation of BIM-based modeling processes

    We conduct an active theoretical and practical study of the methodology for the implementation and application of BIM for various tasks. These methodologies are based on the rich practical experience of the integrated BIM implementation of our employees and the experience of the practical implementation of BIM. Therefore, the introduction of BIM with the help of S-INFO is a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to solving your problems in the field of BIM, and not simple training with writing the BIM Standard.

  • BIM project management and BIM coordination services

    The S-INFO team has BIM managers and BIM coordinators who have years of experience in this area and therefore we can ensure the functioning of your BIM project if you do not have your BIM employees or do not have the necessary qualifications.

  • BIM modeling

    Creating information models for two-dimensional documentation does not quite match the ideology of BIM, but in the current environment it is a very common task. S-INFO can help you not only “raise” your models, but also develop the structure of the model, link attribute information and documentation there, determine the necessary detail, in the end you will receive a model that best solves your BIM tasks.

  • Software development and utilities focused on transport infrastructure

    At the moment it is impossible to carry out serious work in the field of BIM without application programming. Our programmers develop solutions from simple utilities that make life easier for a designer or a BIM specialist to individual software systems that solve a whole range of BIM tasks. At the head of a team of programmers are people who have dedicated their entire lives to developing solutions for automation and GIS.

  • Autodesk Authorized Training Center & Certification

    We are an authorized Autodesk Training Center and provide training in the field of BIM for transport infrastructure in the following software systems:
    • Autodesk Revit
    • Autodesk Civil 3D
    • Autodesk InfraWorks
    • Autodesk Navisworks